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Just a Backyard Spider
South Shore, Oahu
Petaluma State Park
Petaluma State Park
Petaluma State Park
Petaluma State Park
Lake Sonoma
Lake Sonoma
Lake Sonoma
Wild Turkey Run
Sebastopol Winter Orchard
Blue and Cloudy
Scorby with Danny, Scotty and Chris at Arbuckle Flat, Portland
Springtime in Santa Rosa
The White House
Sebastopol Horse Ranch
Red Barn Sonoma Vineyard
Nice day for a swim
Kelp Girl
Oregon Beach
Texas Jesse Vann
Oregon Truckin'
West Colorado Truckin'
Red Rocks Colorado
Tieri and Scorby Panahachel, Guatemala
The family Kreigh and I stayed with in Panahachel, Guatemala
Guatemalan Market
Sleepy Bobby on the Oregon Beach
Sonoma County
Mitch and Irene at Coffee Kats
Duncan at Coffee Katz


Other Friends-o-Bob

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Davy Boy / Santa Rosa
Homerun Jesse / Sonoma Co.
J. Michael Kearsy / Portland
Jello Family & Friends / Denver
Steven Foust / Denver
Taylor St. Gang / Portland
Joe / Denver
Will Morris / Sonoma Co.
Scorby / Portalnd 1970s
Scorby / Oregon 1970s

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